Established in 1996, Credentials India specializes in Human Resource Management Services. We are a growing and innovative concern with an increasing number of  satisfied clients. Our experts have a unique blend of HR, Psychology and Training experience whose collective skills ensure our ability to deliver quality results. Our primary concern is to give cost effective and efficient service with a personalized touch. Our ability to achieve impact for our clients derives from our personalized approach.

We aspire to continue building an organization, which has the trust of the client and the candidate. In India there is a whole new generation of highly qualified professionals who thrive in a dynamic environment. Credentials India provides the ideal link between companies and such professionals by providing services in every area of activity related to managerial development. Credentials India achieves total client satisfaction through customized prompt service, high ethical standards, low costs and high quality service.

We at Credentials India understand the challenges faced by professionals in today’s business climate. Effective human resource consulting and development have never been more needed. Technical and job-related skills are a must, but they are NOT sufficient when it comes to progressing up the professional ladder. For professional success, individuals need to inculcate and develop an all round personality including a high degree of interpersonal skills, excellent communication skills , Cultural Sensitivity, Business Etiquette etc.